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Better Built To Specify Enercon Steam Traps

Better Built Dry Kilns is specifying Enercon steam traps for the company's dry kilns.

"We're growing like a weed," says Larry Randall, president of Better Built Dry Kilns. "A big reason is we're always looking for ways to bring trouble-free products to customers at a competitive price. We were intrigued by a permanent steam trap that didn't need maintenance."

Randall says initially he heard that while Enercon units were excellent in high-pressure systems, they were not effective at low pressures. "We investigated the company," Randall says of Encrcon. "We talked to low pressure kiln operators who had used it and they had nothing but praise. They said they were getting better heat distribution, better heat recovery and had eliminated water hammer. And, except for occasionally blowing down the units, there was no maintenance. Tho se are the reasons we decided to spec the Enercon un its into our dry kilns."

Enercon's permanent one-piece (orifice) units have re placed many conventional steam traps in high and low-pressure dry systems nationwide. Fifty-one mills have replaced all their mechanical traps in the past two years. They report fuel and water savings, increased productivity, more even kiln temperatures and no trap maintenance.

Steam systems must be surveyed by an Enercon technician before installation of the assemblies, which include a 316 stainless fixed orifice unit, Y-strainer and blowdown valve. The Enercon con den sate removal units come with a lifetime warranty and exchange policy and three years of free off-site technical assistance.

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