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Twin Rivers Paper Company

Carl Albert
Twin Rivers Paper Co., LLC
82 Bridge Avenue
Madawaska, Maine 04756

April 21, 2017

To whom it may concern,

Following an initial meeting in Madawaska with Enercon Systems Co. and their regional distributor, Natale Enterprises, we decided to have them do an on-site survey/evaluation of the Madawaska, Paper Mill with the idea it would lead to increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance expenditures as well as improve process temperature variations.

While best known as a "Steam Trap" seller, we soon learned there is a great deal more to their abilities. Their real world expertise revealed areas that were not properly functioning, why they weren't, recommended adjustments and what improvements we could expect.

I know of no one else who has approached Twin Rivers Paper with such a clear understanding on how we can arrive at the goals originally proposed.

Our plans are to rely on Enercon Systems for not only their high functioning, simple design, venturi steam traps, but to enlist their help in any steam distribution system matters at present or that may come up in the future.


Carl Albert

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